Nurse J. Cardenas

Nurse J Cardenas is a registered nurse from Arizona who has spent her life trying to come up with solutions to provide some sort of stability to professional nurses. We all understand how difficult it is to be in the nursing profession specially due to the lack of proper salary, consistent hours, and job benefits. What makes it all the more difficult is when you do not have defined schedule and there is no one to listen to your issues.

This is where nurse J Cardenas steps in to protect nurses from such inequality. She is a southwestern nurse advocate from Tempe, Arizona. Nurse Cardenas also works towards providing awareness about the nursing industry and the basic rights that every working individual must know about. These rights are essential for all nurse practitioners in the workforce.


Every industry has its own set of problems and the nursing department is no exception. It won't be wrong to say that it is one of the most underrated workforce that goes through rigorous hours of work and does not get paid for their efforts. Here are some of the common problems that are faced by nurses on a daily basis.

Staffing Levels

stafflevelsDue to the lack of proper staffing levels there are many nurses who are placed at a higher rank than their professional capability. This is not only an issue for patients and their health but is also unethical. Most hospitals and clinics do not discuss this with their patients openly so that they can make an unreal impression in front of their potential clients. Apart from this lack of correct staffing level can also make it difficult for the nurses them have to treat patients correctly. This will increase complexity in the day-to-day job and will eventually lead to a stressful day

Overtime Hours

overtimeMost nurses have to work overtime on a regular basis. They are also told to work overtime mandatory and have no say what so ever in choosing their own work hours. Most medical institutes use this method as a staffing tool which can prove to be a huge negative on the nurses and patients. The situation eventually leads to improper care for the patients and medical errors which can put a patient's health on stake due to the ignorance of the medical institution.

Job Safety

jobsafetyJob safety is another challenge that nurses come across regularly. Whether it is regarding injuries or medical devices there is risk involved in every aspect of the procedure. Apart from this long working hours can also have a negative effect on a nurses health which can lead to worse situations.

By getting in touch with nurse J Cardenas you can be sure to deal with these small issues of your life and get proper advice on how to tackle them in a professional manner.



Nurse J Cardenas is also associated with the top communities like Arizona Nurse Association and the New Mexico Nurse Association. The main motive behind being a part of these communities is to provide proper awareness and assistance to those individuals who are facing problems. Due to lack of knowledge and resources most nurses do not opt for legal battles which gives medical institutions the wrong impression of taking advantag.


Nurse Cardenas and her organisation tries to come up with alternative methods to deal with such cases so that every nurse gets what they deserve. She also makes sure that every individual knows about their basic rights and job perks so that they can demand for it without hesitation.

So if you too are in a situation where you need legal assistance regarding your nursing job then get in touch with nurse J Cardenas immediately.

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